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SUN Oracle ZFS Storage Simulator

Previously I wrote an article on getting the ZFS simulator to run on OVM.

Until recently I did not realize that I could upgrade the ZFS simulator on Virtualbox.  I kind of assumed the appliance is checking in the background and showing possible upgrades in the Available Updates page.  None of my simulators or real ZFS appliances was showing new Available updates either.  So here is what I did to update the simulator.  I assume it will work with the OVM ported version also.

If you go to this page https://wikis.oracle.com/display/fishworks/Software+Updates you can see what updates are available for your hardware or simulator.   Then updating is easy.  Just download the zip file you need.  Read the Release Notes.  Then uncompress the file where you are staging.  In the Maintenance > System screen click the plus sign next to Available Updates.  Find the .gz file in the folder structure and upload the image.  Follow the questions.

My simulator running under Virtualbox now shows the below version.  Note that the simulator was too far behind to skip to the latest version so I had to do an extra 2011.04.24 version also.


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