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My tips, howtos, gotchas, snippets and stuff. Use at your own risk!


Welcome to my place. I am Riaan Rossouw, system architect,  engineer, manager and geek.  This site is just a collection of snippets, howto's and notes for mostly myself and friends.

...and remember:

Use any and all information on this site at your own risk.  Everything here is specific to my environments and does not apply to yours without changes, testing, experimenting and tweaking involved.

Just for my reference I periodically duplicate posts to static sites:

AWS S3 bucket/CloudFront with mkdocs: https://s1-blog.iqonda.com

AWS S3 bucket/CloudFront with mdwiki: https://s2-blog.iqonda.com

Azure blob storage/CDN with mdwiki: https://myblog.iqonda.net