Oracle OCI CLI Query

Some bash snippets of using –query, jq and interacting with Bash to manipulate into variables. Collect boot volume’s id Collect instance ocid Stop instance and collect the id (or whatever you need from the json) Collect the work-request-id to monitor in a loop after I export a custom image to…

Rclone and OCI S3 Interface

I am testing rclone to the Oracle Cloud Interface object storage and recording what worked for me. Note I could not get the swift interface to work with rclone, duplicity or swiftclient yet. Although straightforward curl does work to the swift interface. rclone configuration generated with rclone config Issue with…

Python3 and pip

I am converting some scripts to python3 and noticed the pip modules in use for python2 need to be added for python3. I am not using virtualenv so below is my fix on Ubuntu 17.10. Missing module oci. Python2 module is there. Ubuntu has python3-pip Check my converted script.