SSH JumpHost

Newer versions of ssh simplified the ProxyCommand directive a little in config files with ProxyJump directive. A command line ProxyCommand may work like this for you: Config file entries like this: Using ssh config you can simply ssh like this: Or better if you have many projects using ssh with…

SSH password manager

I have recently started using a distro called BunsenLabs which is a Debian/Openbox flavor. I run Linux inside VirtualBox and so far I really like this distro.  I have previously written about using Linux SSH connection managers like PAC(Perl Auto Connect), GCM, Remmina etc.  I have mostly settled on PAC…

PAC Manager Double Click Selection

I have been very happy with PAC as a terminal/SSH manager but the selection always bugged me. Just noticed it has a configuration option that I am going to try. Select-by-word characters: From: \.:_\/-A-Za-z0-9 To: -_.:\/A-Za-z0-9 Update: 12/12/16 Changed to: -_.:\/A-Za-z0-9