OCI Cli Query

If you want to manipulate the output of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI commands you can pipe output through jq. I have examples of jq elsewhere. You can also use the query option like follow. And for good measure also a jq example. Plus csv filter.

Powerline Font Issue

I am using Powerline in my terminals and had an issue with the font. After messing with it I realize I was using a font that has not been patched for Powerline. I changed the gnome-terminal font from “Fira Mono Regular”to “DejaVu Sans Mono Book” and it worked. My steps…

Papyros Shell

Since I want to capture what I did to take a look at the initial stages Papyros shell I am jotting down what worked for me. ¬†It sounds like soon the developers will have working downloadable images to try so its worth waiting for those. ¬†Getting ArchLinux going in Virtualbox…