OCI Bucket Delete Fail

If you have trouble deleting an object storage bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you may have to clear old multipart uploads. The message may look something like this: Bucket named ‘DR-Validation’ has pending multipart uploads. Stop all multipart uploads first. At the time the only way I could do this…

OCI Cli Query

If you want to manipulate the output of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI commands you can pipe output through jq. I have examples of jq elsewhere. You can also use the query option like follow. And for good measure also a jq example. Plus csv filter.

Powerline Font Issue

I am using Powerline in my terminals and had an issue with the font. After messing with it I realize I was using a font that has not been patched for Powerline. I changed the gnome-terminal font from “Fira Mono Regular”to “DejaVu Sans Mono Book” and it worked. My steps…