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SPICE and QXL Display for KVM Guests

Very short note on how I used SPICE for accessing a Windows 7 desktop running under KVM.  SPICE and QXL provides improved Graphics experience in the guest.

I found more detailed information here: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/SPICE

In virt manager when editing the guest look under Display Spice heading:
- Type  == Spice Server
- Address  == All interfaces
** I tried to set the port manually but it keeps defaulting back to Auto.

# virsh dumpxml win7-2 | grep spice
    <channel type='spicevmc'>
      <target type='virtio' name='com.redhat.spice.0'/>
    <graphics type='spice' port='5901' autoport='yes' listen=''>
    <redirdev bus='usb' type='spicevmc'>

Install tools in Windows guest tools:
Download and install here http://www.spice-space.org/download.html

At the time I installed spice-guest-tools-0.74.exe was current. Since this is a KVM guest I already use the virtio drivers for the network interface and disk. The spice guest tools install additional drivers like VIRTIO Balloon Driver and VIRTIO-Serial Driver.

From the remote desktop access as follow:
# apt-get install virt-viewer spice-client-gtk
$ remote-viewer spice://

** As mentioned I could not set the port manually for some reason so I had to go look on the KVM host process list to see which port was being used.
** Also make sure you don't have a firewall blocking the port you are after.


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