Linux Mount nfsv4.2

Linux Mount nfsv4.2

Just a quick test on using nfs v4.2. This test was on a Ubuntu 17.4 server as well as client.

# cat /etc/exports 
/DATA	*(ro,sync,no_root_squash,insecure)

# systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server

# more /proc/fs/nfsd/versions 
+2 +3 +4 +4.1 +4.2

# mount -t nfs -o minorversion=2 server1:/DATA /DATA
# nfsstat -m
/mnt/home from server1:/home
 Flags:	rw,relatime,vers=3,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,namlen=255,hard,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,mountaddr=,mountvers=3,mountport=41341,mountproto=udp,local_lock=none,addr=

/DATA from server1:/DATA
 Flags:	rw,relatime,vers=4.2,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,namlen=255,hard,proto=tcp,port=0,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,clientaddr=,local_lock=none,addr=

# rsync -a --progress ubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso /DATA/DATABANK/iso/
sending incremental file list
  1,609,039,872 100%  157.75MB/s    0:00:09 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1)

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