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Bash alias inside a script

If you need to use an alias inside a script you need this:

shopt -s expand_aliases
source ~/.bash_aliases

I recently started using the docker OCI client instead of trying to install it local. For some reason it is just not working. So now I use the docker image but as you can see you dont want to be using this command everytime.

docker run --rm -it -v "$HOME/.oci:/oracle/.oci" oci

So an alias is helpful but as mentioned wont just work in you script. Example how I use the command in a script and this works. My alias is ocicli.

CREATED_APPLY_JOB_ID=$(ocicli resource-manager job create-apply-job --stack-id $CREATED_STACK_ID --execution-plan-strategy FROM_PLAN_JOB_ID --execution-plan-job-id "$CREATED_PLAN_JOB_ID" --wait-for-state SUCCEEDED --query 'data.id' --raw-output)


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